Benedikt Sabass

Portrait of B. Sabass 2013
Being a theoretical physicist by training, I am inspired by the beauty and effectiveness of biological mechanisms. My work evolves around topics from biomechanics, stochastic dynamics, and statistical methods for image processing. I enjoy pure theory as much as hands-on work in the laboratory.

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Curriculum Vitae

11/2016 –
Group leader at the Institute of Complex Systems -2, Forschungszentrum Jülich
02/2014 – 11/2016
DAAD Postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University with Howard A. Stone
07/2013 – 12/2013
Postdoctoral researcher at Heidelberg University with Ulrich Schwarz
05/2012 – 06/2013
R&D in industry. TWT-GmbH, working for PORSCHE AG and for the initiative intelligent Zero Emission Urban System
02/2009 – 04/2012
PhD in Theoretical Physics, Stuttgart University
Advisor: Udo Seifert
09/2004 – 08/2008
Diploma in Physics, Heidelberg University


Teaching experience

Cologne University 2018 – 2019
Lecturer for courses on „Statistical Physics of Soft and Biological Matter“ and „Computational Soft Matter Physics“
Cologne University 2017 – 2018
Co-facilitator of the seminars “Biophysical applications of stochastic thermodynamics” and “Biophysics of bacterial systems”
Forschungszentrum Jülich 2016 –
Supervision of four PhD students and two visiting Master students
Princeton University 2014
Design and supervision of a student thesis on time-reversal symmetry in electric networks
Stuttgart University 2009 – 2012
Teaching assistant for theory courses on numerical physics, mechanics, electrodynamics, statistical physics, advanced quantum mechanics
Stuttgart University 2011
Supervision of a diploma thesis on theory of electrophoresis
Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, USA 2007
Teaching assistant at the MBL course in cell physiology

Google Scholar statistics (01/2020)

  • Cited 2700 times
  • 27 publications
  • 2 x PRL, 3 x PNAS, 1 x Cell, 1 x NCB, 1 x Nat. Methods, 1 x Nat. Phys, 1 x Dev. Cell
  • h-index = 16