Publications – Benedikt Sabass

  1. Theory of biological force sensing
    B. Sabass
    Lecture Notes of the 49th IFF Spring School “Physics of Life” (Forschungszentrum Jülich), 2018
  2. Verticalization of bacterial biofilms
    F. Beroz, J. Yan, Y. Meir, B. Sabass, H.A. Stone, B.L. Bassler, N.S. Wingreen
    Submitted, 2018
  3. Competing actin networks are essential for the formation, maintenance and mechanical flexibility of the kidney filtration barrier
    C. Schell, B. Sabass, F. Geist, M. Helmstaedter, A. Abed, M. Yamahara, A. Sigle, J. Frimmel, D. Kerjaschki, H.-H. Arnold, J. Dengjel, M. Rogg, T. Huber
    Submitted, 2017
  4. Tension sensor multiplexing reveals piconewton force gradient across talin-1
    P. Ringer, A. Weiβl, A.-L. Cost, A. Freikamp, B. Sabass, A. Mehlich, M. Tramier, M. Rief, C. Grashoff
    Nat. Methods, 14(11):1090, 2017, DOI
  5. Fluctuating, Lorentz-force-like coupling of Langevin equations and heat flux rectification
    B. Sabass
    Phys. Rev. E 96: 022109, 2017, DOI, arXiv preprint
  6. Force generation by groups of migrating bacteria
    B. Sabass, M.D. Koch, G. Liu, H.A. Stone, J.W. Shaevitz
    PNAS, 114(28):7266, 2017, DOI, arXiv preprint
    News coverage: MIT Technology Review
  7. Calcium oscillations in wounded fibroblast monolayers are spatially regulated through substrate mechanics
    J. Lembong*, B. Sabass*, H.A. Stone
    Phys. Biol. 14(4):045006, 2017, DOI, biorxiv preprint
  8. Role of the membrane for mechanosensing by tethered channels EDITORS’ SUGGESTION
    B. Sabass, H.A. Stone
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 116:258101, 2016, DOI, arXiv preprint
  9. Size-dependent control of colloid transport via solute gradients in dead-end channels
    S. Shin, E. Um, B. Sabass, J.T. Ault, M. Rahimi, P.B. Warren, H.A. Stone
    PNAS 113 (2):257-261, 2016, DOI
  10. Extracellular rigidity sensing by talin isoform-specific mechanical linkages
    K. Austen, P. Ringer, A. Mehlich, A. Chrostek-Grashoff, C. Kluger, C. Klingner, B. Sabass, R. Zent, M. Rief, C. Grashoff
    Nat. Cell Biol. 17(12):1597, 2015, DOI
  11. Mechanics regulates ATP-stimulated calcium response in fibroblast cells
    J. Lembong, B. Sabass, B. Sun, M.E. Rogers, H.A. Stone
    J. R. Soc. Interface 12: 20150140, 2015, DOI
  12. Network topology with broken Onsager symmetry allows directional
    and highly efficient energy transfer
    B. Sabass
    EPL 110:20002, 2015, DOI
    An early version of the Letter can be found here.
  13. High resolution traction force microscopy
    S.V. Plotnikov*, B. Sabass*, U.S. Schwarz, C.M. Waterman
    In Waters, J & Wittmann, T., editors. Quantitative Imaging in Cell Biology, Vol 123. Methods in Cell Biology. Elsevier, 2014, DOI
  14. Force fluctuations within focal adhesions mediate ECM-rigidity sensing to guide directed cell migration
    S.V. Plotnikov, A.M. Pasapera, B. Sabass, C.M. Waterman
    Cell 151(7):1513-1527, 2012, DOI
  15. Nonlinear, electrocatalytic swimming in the presence of salt
    B. Sabass, U. Seifert
    J. Chem. Phys. 136:214507, 2012, DOI , arXiv preprint
  16. Dynamics and efficiency of a self-propelled, diffusiophoretic swimmer
    B. Sabass, U. Seifert
    J. Chem. Phys. 136(6):064508, 2012, DOI , arXiv preprint
  17. Cell-ECM traction force modulates endogenous tension at cell-cell contacts
    V. Maruthamuthu, B. Sabass, U.S. Schwarz, M.L. Gardel
    PNAS 108 (12):4708-4713, 2011, DOI
  18. Optimization of traction force microscopy for micron-sized focal adhesions
    J. Stricker, B. Sabass, U.S. Schwarz, M.L. Gardel
    J. Phys: Condens. Matter 22 (19):194104, 2010, DOI
  19. Modeling cytoskeletal flow over adhesion sites: competition between stochastic bond dynamics and intracellular relaxation
    B. Sabass, U.S. Schwarz
    J. Phys: Condens. Matter 22 (19):194112, 2010, DOI
  20. Efficiency of surface-driven motion: nanoswimmers beat microswimmers
    B. Sabass, U. Seifert
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 105 (21):218103, 2010, DOI , arXiv preprint
  21. A versatile, multicolor TIRF and confocal microscope system for high-resolution live cell imaging
    W.D. Shin, R.S. Fischer, P. Kanchawong, Y. Kim, J. Lim, K.A. Myers, Y. Nishimura, S.V. Plotnikov, I. Thievessen,D.
    Yarar, B. Sabass, C.M. Waterman
    LIVE CELL IMAGING: A LABORATORY MANUAL, pp. 119-138, 2010. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory press, Cold Spring Harbor, NY
  22. Plasmodium sporozoite motility is modulated by the turnover of discrete adhesion sites
    S. Munter*, B. Sabass*, C. Selhuber-Unkel*, M. Kudryashev, S. Hegge, U. Engel, J.P. Spatz,
    K. Matuschewski, U.S. Schwarz, F. Frischknecht
    Cell Host & Microbe 6 (6):551-562, 2009, DOI
  23. High resolution traction force microscopy based on experimental and computational advances
    B. Sabass, M.L. Gardel, C.M. Waterman, U.S. Schwarz
    Biophys. J 94 (1):207-220, 2008, DOI
  24. Traction stress in focal adhesions correlates biphasically with actin retrograde flow speed
    M.L. Gardel, B. Sabass, L. Ji, G. Danuser, U.S. Schwarz, C.M. Waterman
    J. Cell Biol. 183 (6):999-1005, 2008, DOI

* Authors contributed equally