Research-related links

The following research-related links provide a growing list of websites on biophysics, micromechanics of cells, and theoretical physics for further reading.

A few websites on biology and experimental biophysics

Experimental biophysics lab at Princeton (Joshua Shaevitz)
Lab. of cell and tissue morphodynamics at NIH (Claire Waterman)
Cellular biophysics at Jülich (Rudolf Merkel)
Cell migration research in Toronto (Sergey Plotnikov)
Cellular biophysics in Chicago (Margaret Gardel)
Research on molecular mechanotransduction at the MPI of biochemistry (Carsten Grashoff)
Complex fluids and hydrogels at Paris Saclay (François Boulogne)
Research on biofilms in Marburg (Knut Drescher)
Research on morphogenesis by Nicolas Minc
Molecular bioengineering at the BIOTEC Dresden
Immune system and leukocyte migration at IST (Michael Sixt)
Laboratory of applied mechanobiology at the ETH (Viola Vogel)
Molecular and cellular biophysics at the TUM
Physics of cytoskeleton & morphogenesis (Manuel Théry)
Biophysics at FAU Erlangen
Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC)
Biozentrum, University of Basel

A few links to theoretical biophysics around the world

Institute for Biological Physics at the University of Cologne
Theoretical biophysics at Heidelberg (Ulrich Schwarz)
Statistical and theoretical biophysics in Heidelberg (Dieter W. Heermann)
Statistical physics and soft matter at Stuttgart (Udo Seifert)
Complex fluids research group at Princeton (Howard Stone)
Biological modeling at Princeton (Ned Wingreen)
Statistical and biological physics at the LMU (Erwin Frey)
Biological physics at the MPIPKS Dresden (Frank Jülicher)
Nonlinear dynamics at the MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization
Physics of complex biosystems at the TUM (Ulrich Gerland)
Quantitative image analysis at UT SouthWestern (Gaudenz Danuser)


Important links in Jülich

Our place: Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics Institute headed by Gerhard Gompper
International Helmholtz Research School of Biophysics and Soft Matter (IHRS BioSoft)